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The purpose of this website is informational and it serves as a source of compiled free information on a product or a service.

All of the images, fonts, links, styles and texts are available under free license or are exempt for commercial use. All names, products and services are operated by their respective owners and their use is of informational nature.

​Images used for styles are taken and/or copyrighted by me or my places of business throughout the years. All images are taken with the exclusive cooperation and agreement of the business owners and models.

Any original video content is copyrighted to Kane Bowen Hair. All locations, images and logos are used with the exclusive cooperation by their respective owners.

Any further video material on the website is copyrighted to and owned by it's creators/owners and it's only purpose is to illustrate or inform about a specific service or product. Any advertising contracts that might exist between Kane Bowen Hair and other companies are handled by Kane Bowen Hair.

If you have any concerns or see copyrighted material please use the contact form to contact me.

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