“I believe that continued education is the backbone of strong technique, creative expression, feeling motivated, and staying inspired.”

  Kane Bowen, Master Stylist and owner of Ēthos Collective  

Kane is a 15 year veteran of the hair industry. His journey in hairdressing began in Salt Lake City, Utah where he first nurtured his creativity by using his hands to create beauty. 


He trained at both the Taylor Andrews and Vidal Sassoon Academy and has studied under talent such as Tuan Tran, Fumi Eguchi, Keiji Yasuo, and Graham Breakwell. In addition, he has worked to perfect his abilities in precision cutting and edgy styles in London, Rome, Barcelona, Portland, Fort Lauderdale and Santa Monica. 


Kane prides himself on his ability to execute a meticulously brilliant haircut and to show his clients how to recreate the style. He excels in dramatic hairstyle transformations and specializes in cutting styles for Asian hair. 


In addition to hairstyling, Kane is a musician, composer and visual artist with interests in acrylics, watercolors and pencil mediums. He finds inspiration in his perception of dreams and nightmares, the immense and mysterious nature of the universe, and the elements that form our existence.

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